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The Old Vaudevillian
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The Old Vaudevillian promotes small businesses and communities through meaningful "place making." Place making is a multi-faceted approach to the planning, design and management of public spaces. We take underutilized lots, storefronts and  existing community spaces to showcase Northeast Ohio artists, crafts people, entrepreneurs and real estate. The Old Vaudevillian brings life back to abandoned or forgotten areas. We create new ideas about how space can be used. What was once a empty lot is now a bustling weekend market.  A row of vacant store fronts are re-imagined as the perfect place for holiday shopping. By changing the perception of an underutilized lot, our organization can foster small businesses, like that of our vendors, into long-term retail opportunities.







Summer Market -$50

Coventry Side walk Sale - FREE!

Heights music Hop lee rd - FREE!


All vendors must be licensed to do business in Cuyahoga county. This includes registering your business with the state and obtaining the proper state licenses.

Pop up shops

Holiday Pop-up and special events in retail store fronts are priced according to the daily / weekly / monthly rent of the space. We do our best to negotiate the lowest rate possible in order to foster small vendor's businesses.


The Old Vaudevillian books shows that work with the vibe of the neighborhood in which we are producing an event. Even if you aren't a great fit for one event, you might be perfect for another! HAng with us.


Vendors wanted!

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Want to have a vendor booth, perform or showcase your real estate for an upcoming event? We're always looking for new and interesting ways to bring life to forgotten areas in Northeast Ohio.


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